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Jenn and Kyle take a closer (and often inappropriate) look at kids’ shows. Featuring a monthly installment of the revamped Shin Neo Play On Gaiden featuring Steve, Cole, and youth-correspondent Giuseppe.


Steve and Giuseppe breakdown one of the season most popular anime and other non-sense.  Remember, Felix is best girl!

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The gang is joined by special guest Kevin and new Planet Arbitrary family member, Jacky, writer of Pretty, Pretty, Games, Yay, to talk about all things gaming.  We go over the end of year sales figures for 2016 and talk about why Call of Duty is still so dominant much to Steve's shagrin.  They also talk about the Nintendo Switch and all the things it..can't do? Steve gives us an update on the horrible, horrible things being done to Street Fighter V, Giuseppe gives us his review of Atlas Reactor, Cole confesses to the real dollars she's spent on Emoji Blitz, and Jacky fills us in on what's coming up in Pretty, Pretty, Games, Yay! Enjoy!

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In this, the 5th Annual Video Game Arbies, the crew of Play On! hands out the prestigious Arbie Award to their winners and losers in video gaming in 2016! Enjoy!

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