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Jenn and Kyle take a closer (and often inappropriate) look at kids’ shows. Featuring a monthly installment of the revamped Shin Neo Play On Gaiden featuring Steve, Cole, and youth-correspondent Giuseppe.


The one where the whole gang is back together to talk about video games by using their shoot-from-the-hip analysis to break down all that's happening in gaming.  We talk about eSports possibly joining the Olympics, Microsoft discontinuing the Kinect, and also how you can use your old Nintendo Power Glove as a controller for your HTC Vive.  Kyle and Pat B. breakdown the extremely content heavy, Shadow of War.  Giuseppe share his similar situation with Total War: Warhammer 2, and Steve has let Gundam Versus take him.  All this and more on a new episode of Play On! Enjoy!

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The one where the crew catches up on all the latest news in video games, Pat B. talks about how there's no real reason to buy an SNES Classic now the Star Fox 2 rom has been uploaded to the internet.  Steve gives his review in progress of Gundham Dual, and Cole talks about what it was like growing up playing the Sega Master System instead of the latest and greatest from Nintendo.

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