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Jenn and Kyle take a closer (and often inappropriate) look at kids’ shows. Featuring a monthly installment of the revamped Shin Neo Play On Gaiden featuring Steve, Cole, and youth-correspondent Giuseppe.


The one where Kyle, Jen, and Pat B. deconstruct the childrens classic Curious George.  We cover the PBS animated series and discuss the many issues with George, The man in the yellow hat, and the endless cast of enormously stupid characters that live in the world of Curious George.  Enjoy!

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The one where Pat B. calls this episode 119 despite it being episode 120.  Also, continue the fun of listening to Pat B. get progressively sicker from recording Deconstructing Daycare to recording this episode of Play On! Steve, Cole, and Pat talk about the insane money makers on Twitch, Specualation from around the web about what the Playstation 5 will be, Fighting game tournament controversy, and the many, many, clones of Dr. Pepper. Enjoy!

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The one where the entire crew of Play On! returns after Pat B.'s long baby break.  The crew wastes no time as they dive back into the news about foul twitch streamers, doxxers, Old man Donald Trump, low quality Nintendo Switch ports, Dragonball Fighters, and an in-depth group review of buffalo wings vs. boneless wings plus lots more! Enjoy!

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