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Jenn and Kyle take a closer (and often inappropriate) look at kids’ shows. Featuring a monthly installment of the revamped Shin Neo Play On Gaiden featuring Steve, Cole, and youth-correspondent Giuseppe.


The one where the gang talks about the rumors swirling around the development of a new Bioshock game and why Steve thinks you probably don't remember what that game was actually like.  Pat B. and Steve tell stories of the old times to Youth Correspondent, Giuseppe, in hopes of trying to make him feel as nostalgic about the Sega Genesis as we do.  We also talk about the announced Mega Drive Mini.  Pat B. talks about video game collecting and video game pricing as he tells us about a new compnay, Wata Games, that's trying to stabilize the game collecting market.  Pat B. also talks about why Pac-Man has led to him to doing a complete audit of his video game collection.  Enjoy!

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The one where Pat B., Kyle, and Jen deconstruct the Youtube webseries, Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse.  Join us as we explore a reality TV show based in a fake plastic world which, some how works.  Enjoy your screen time!

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