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Jenn and Kyle take a closer (and often inappropriate) look at kids’ shows. Featuring a monthly installment of the revamped Shin Neo Play On Gaiden featuring Steve, Cole, and youth-correspondent Giuseppe.


The one where Jenn and Kyle find absolutely nothing redeeming with the available-on-Netflix program The Garfield Show. Featuring a segment by show-suggester host Pat! It's like the whole show is a Monday, and we all know how we feel about Mondays. Enjoy Your Screen Time!

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The one where Kyle and Jenn fall into the very round, very bright, very cute, but not very good crayon explosion that is Netflix's True and the Rainbow Kingdom. Zip Zap Zoom!

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April 7, 2019

Shin Play On Pod NEO

Surprise! It's the inaugural episode of the newly reborn podcast formerly known as Play On! Steve, Cole, Kyle, and Jenn sit down to gab about recent video game news and what they've been playing lately. Enjoy the first scheduled monthly release on the Deconstructing Daycare stream! 

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